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I have dedicated my career to helping families and individuals obtain a firm grasp of their financial picture so they can more readily find economic fulfillment in life.  If you are looking for a helping hand in your financial journey, please reach out.  There are no hidden fees here.  I strive to make sure this service is as simple and transparent as it can possibly be, while being available to all.

Two Service Options

Let's get rid of net worth minimums, unnecessarily long contracts and high fees, shall we?  Below, you will find two stand-alone style service options that do just that.  This puts the client (you!) in control of the fees and relationship, not the advisor.  Maybe you prefer a once per-year meeting, or perhaps you will be confident to part ways after only one appointment.  The choice is yours.  And by ridding the relationship of any sales or money management, this service structure keeps feedback as fair and unbiased as possible.  This is true fee-only advice, the way financial guidance should be.

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Fee is due after scheduling. A contract, Dropbox access and invoice will be sent separately.

Fee is due after scheduling. A contract, Dropbox access and invoice will be sent separately.


  • Detailed review of your full financial picture (goals, budget, savings, investments, protections)

  • A roughly 2 week beginning-to-end process, highlighted by a 1 hour one-on-one meeting (option for either a phone call, video chat, or in-person local meet-up)

  • Unbiased guidance (absent all conflicts of interest) on ways to shore up your financials, protect your family, and better achieve financial independence

  • Financial Review packet containing a meeting overview, financial summary, recommendations, helpful resources and key financial measurables

  • Access to a personalized Dropbox folder for easy and secure transfer of files (Data Gathering Form to be completed in advance of our appointment)

  • Quick, clean and transparent $1,999 one-time fee (discounted $999 rate for all future full reviews)


  • Those looking for a full-scope review of their household's financial health and/or current financial gameplan

  • Those wanting to gain control of the whole of their finances, and/or really dig deep into a particular area or two of their financial picture

  • Those would like a tangible financial assessment packet, inclusive of a game plan for financial independence and a detailed checklist of items needing addressed

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Fee is due after scheduling. A contract and invoice will be sent separately.

Fee is due after scheduling. A contract and invoice will be sent separately.


  • A stand-alone, 1 hour one-on-one phone conversation to address any pertinent financial questions you may have

  • Unbiased guidance (absent all conflicts of interest) on ways to address your concerns and better achieve financial independence

  • Quick, clean and transparent $399, one-time fee


  • Those who only have a handful of questions about their personal financial picture and/or current gameplan that can be addressed during a phone call

  • Those who want to keep things quick and basic, and do not require any preliminary data-gathering or follow-up analysis


If either approach appeals to you, simply click below to bring up my calendar and schedule a time where we can talk.  We will then connect at a time that works best for you!  Or, do you have a question about the service and would like to learn a bit more?  There is also an option to book a quick intro call through the link below.

Please note that these services do not constitute a financial planning relationship.  The services are designed to be consultative in nature via a one-time review of your personal economy and the financial challenges you find yourself facing.  An ongoing relationship is optional.  There are no investment products recommended for compensation, and no investments products sold or managed.   Although guidance will be provided, it is recommended that any ideas we cover be discussed with your attorney, accountant, or other professional counsel prior to implementation.