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My Household Budget (Q1 '18 Edition)

My last budget update was posted at the end of November.  To get things in a more structured format (and to cater to my slight obsessively-organized nature), I've decided to begin posting these updates at the end of each calendar quarter.  It's just more tidy.

That being said, the 1st quarter of 2018 is now behind us which means it's time for a check-in to see where things now stand in route to shoring up the monthly living expenses.

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6 Quick Financial Tips for Newlyweds

Newly hitched, you say?  Congratulations on that new finger bling!  This is great time of your life, no question; but you have to take steps to help ensure the good times keep rolling.  It's not a fun search, but simply Googling "reasons for divorce" will provide you a laundry list of misery culprits, with money guaranteed to be reigning near the top of the heap.  But don't fear.  By simply addressing a few financial items early in marriage, your odds of falling victim to a marriage without bliss will be greatly reduced.  Here are 6 quick items I recommend every newly married couple review to assist in their journey.

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Are We in a Bubble?

In her last and most recent economic update as Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen stated that she believes both stock and real estate prices are elevated.  Although she stopped short of mentioning the word bubble, most investors can read between the lines and are concerned.  With high valuations for stocks and real estate, savings accounts and CD's paying next to nothing in interest, bonds facing potential headwinds due to rising interest rates, and cryptocurrencies showing no signs of stability, what is a person to do?

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4 Reasons Why Renting is Not 'Throwing Away Money'

Time and time again I hear people mention to me that they hate renting and want to buy a house because they are simply tired of throwing away their money.

I understand the sentiment, as no one likes the thought of such a large portion of their money going out the door to someone else (housing costs are roughly 33% of household expenditures per the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  However, we must keep in mind that owning a primary residence also comes with its fair share of costs, and the adage of renting is throwing money away is not nearly as cut and dry of an analysis and it might sound or feel.

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Disability Insurance 101

Have you noticed that when it comes to Disability Insurance, the information is scarce and sometimes hard to understand?

Well, here’s the thing...

It’s actually easy to understand, and this quick introduction will prepare you for any conversation with an agent.  Today you will learn the basics of Disability Insurance, why you need it, and how to take action on obtaining it.

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