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Growing Your Passive Income Streams

If you know me, or have visited my website, I'm sure have grown to realize that I am a supersized advocate for passive income.  I believe that growing a diversified balance of income streams will set the foundation for financial independence more quickly than savings and traditional investing alone.  The concept is not hard to understand for most, but implementation and knowing where to begin in this path can pose a challenge.  So today, that's exactly what we're going to address.  I will highlight some different methods of passive income investing in addition to the pros and cons, and possible barriers to entry for each product.

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4 Reasons Why Renting is Not 'Throwing Away Money'

Time and time again I hear people mention to me that they hate renting and want to buy a house because they are simply tired of throwing away their money.

I understand the sentiment, as no one likes the thought of such a large portion of their money going out the door to someone else (housing costs are roughly 33% of household expenditures per the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  However, we must keep in mind that owning a primary residence also comes with its fair share of costs, and the adage of renting is throwing money away is not nearly as cut and dry of an analysis and it might sound or feel.

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