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The Changing Times

Over the last couple of weeks, I have heard the phrase "dying industry" repeated multiple times and in reference to differing areas of our economy.  And when this phrase was used, it was in a fearful context by all parties involved.  I find this amusing because dying industries are a staple of human history.  Dying industry means that change and innovation is in play.  This is a wonderful thing, not something in which to be fearful.

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Taking a step back, I do understand why this fearful attitude towards change exists.  As human beings, we like comfort and certainty.  This can be traced to and blamed on our most powerful instinctual trait:  survival.   With certainty, our chances of survival seem increased.  It makes sense.  We know what is on the horizon and can plan accordingly.  But what fun is that?  Change is inevitable, and with it brings growth and imagination.  There is fun in growth.  There is fun in utilizing your imagination.  The sooner we learn to embrace and move along with change, the more happiness we will find in the world; and ironically, the greater our chances of survival.

Yes, "dying industry" might mean a loss of jobs in those fields that rely on natural resources that are contributing to the deterioration of the planet's health.  "Dying industry" might also mean that the financial services industry will lose jobs in those fields that rely heavily on high fees at the expense of the everyday individual.  These are not bad things.  And the best part is that these jobs will be replaced by jobs that guide us along a better path.

Change usually happens for a reason.  Increased knowledge, technology and/or other forces are at play that are bringing about an evolution.  If you see the writing on the wall in your particular field, don't sit back in fear; but instead, take a step in the direction where your industry is heading.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.  And know that your efforts will be leaving the world a better place.  Hooray change!