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Reasons for Gratitude

The calendar recently slid past my birthday which means I’m now officially in the last year of my 30’s. Yikes! You hear this all the time but it’s no joke that the years do seem to go by more quickly as you grow older. Kind of surprisingly, this brings me no anguish as each year proves to be another fun adventure. I’m excited to see what 39 has in store.

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Consumption and the Fulfillment Curve

I was recently listening to a ChooseFI podcast that highlighted financial independence OG, Vicki Robin, author of Your Money or Your Life (reviewed admirably by Paula Pant).  During the interview, I became fascinated her discussion of the "fulfillment curve", which is basically a graph created by Vicki and her co-author, Joe Dominguez, that maps the relationship of spending and happiness.  The chart hones in on the law of diminishing returns past a certain level of consumption.

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Dial Up Your Happiness By Giving

I spend a lot of my time talking to others about how to grow their wealth and income streams.  Although this growth and accumulation stage is an important step in one's financial journey, I am starting to notice that I rarely have conversations about the flip side of this journey: how one's accumulated wealth will best be put to use.  Or in other words, how one will obtain the greatest satisfaction out of every dollar they eventually spend or gift.  I believe these two stages (accumulation and distribution) of one's financial story are of equal importance.

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A Key to Happiness

No matter which happiness or quality of life ranking report you reference, Denmark is going to sit at or near the top of each list.

This is intriguing, so on my recent trip to Denmark I had the opportunity to ask some Danes about why this is the case. Their response(s) were very modest (this is how they seem to be by nature, so no surprise there), but they all had a common theme:

Contentment and humbleness

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