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Reclaim Your Life with Passive Income

You often hear these phrases referenced in conjunction with passive income when scouring the internet:

  • Income whether you show up or not
  • Making money while you sleep
  • Putting your money to work for you

While all of these are true and certainly are benefits, I would argue that they focus too heavily on money and beat around the bush of what quality passive income truly does for a person.

Passive income recovers for you the most valuable commodity in life: time

Passive income is your green mushroom!

Plain and simple.  We all are gifted life, which is remarkable blessing.  The problem is that we only have one (oh, don't we wish that gaining an extra life were as simple as eating a green mushroom as Mario taught us?!), and time is the resource that dwindles this precious asset more than anything else can.  Therefore, an investment in regaining time to do the things that are important to you is an investment in your life.  And passive income is the investment that can do just that.

Or think about it in slightly different terms.

Every dollar earned from passive income investments is less time required to work/earn for someone else.  It's a direct inverse relationship:  more passive Income = less required labor.  In essence, you're becoming your own boss, which means you also start taking control of your own calendar.

So take action.

Begin implementing your passive income investing strategy today

Investing for passive income doesn't have a to be a difficult task, as there are a myriad of ways to grow your passive income streams.  Two of my favorite easy-to-access vehicles (of which I invest in myself) that pay nicely while also being socially conscious are AHP Fund and Impact Housing.  With these types of platforms available (in addition to many others), investors can no longer make the excuse that this world is only for sophisticated or high-net-worth investors.

And think about the safety benefits for your family.

Passive income also provides income diversification for a household.  Think of a situation in which a primary earner loses their job or faces a prolonged health event.  These types of incidents can cause major stress on a family if they are ill-prepared.  When multiple streams of income are established through passive income investing, these events becomes much more manageable, as there is still cash flow to help pay bills.  We tend to only think of diversification in terms of portfolio diversification.  Although important, income diversification is usually paramount in protecting a household's financial picture.

So why not help reclaim your life with an increased focus on investing for passive income?  At the very least, it's a healthy diversifier in route to increased financial well-being.  At best, it could very well be your ticket to early financial independence.

Want to get started investing for passive income and financial freedom, but are still feeling a bit unsure or need a little more guidance?  Feel free to book an appointment where we can discuss just that and develop a road map that's right for you.  I love this stuff, and am always happy to help!