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Get Rich Education Podcast with Keith Weinhold

I had a great conversation recently with Keith Weinhold of Get Rich Education.  Keith has dedicated himself to helping others in their real estate investing journey.  He is extremely detailed in his method of real estate analysis and breaking down more complicated real estate investing topics.  If you are also a detailed individual who is interested in real estate investing, I strongly recommend that you give his podcast a whirl.  His past guest list includes much bigger names such as Robert Kiyosaki, so I was honored to be a part of his show.

During this podcast, we cover a number of topics, including:

  1. Why traditional financial advisors do not discuss real estate as an investment option
  2. The 5 real return components of a cash flow positive property
  3. The differences between real estate investing and stock/bond investing
  4. The importance and benefits of income diversification

You can find a streaming version of the interview embedded here below, or you can download to your favorite platform from the Get Rich Education website.

If you would like to discuss any topic covered here in further detail, feel free to schedule a meeting so we can chat one-on-one.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!