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Embracing Uncertainty

If you asked me what I was doing 2 years ago, I would have told you that I was building out a traditional financial planning business focused on a monthly retainer model paired with investment management services. If you asked me what I was doing 1 year ago, I would have told that my business had morphed into a financial consulting practice focused on a simple, fee-per-service model. If you asked me what I was doing 1 month ago, I would have told you that online courses were becoming my focus. If you ask me what I’m doing today, I will tell you that all of the above are now taking a back seat.

Why all the pivots?

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I’m learning that life as a solopreneur (it’s a word, I looked it up!) is full of twists and turns. It often times lacks in stability but makes up ground in flexibility and opportunity. When something is not working, you can adjust. When something is no longer serving you, you can move to something else. When something new and exciting presents itself, you can pounce.

And this is where I find myself today. I’ve been wanting to jump into the commercial real estate investing space for some time and an opportunity has just presented itself. Therefore, I am excited to refocus my efforts and pounce on this fortunate situation.

Will one-on-one appointments and the online course project be put on hold temporarily or permanently? I’m not sure. And this is OK!

But I have not always felt this way. Not even close. Stability, organization and predictability are all built into my genetic makeup. However, over time I have evolved to become more open to uncertainly, which is something I wholeheartedly blame on my wife :) Witnessing her start her own business and handle a fluid schedule in stride had a slow and steady impact on me. Through her, I’ve learned that uncertainty should not be frightening. Hardly anything in life is certain. I’ve grown to understand that life can get really interesting when you step away from predictability.

I wouldn’t have signed for my first rental property without embracing some unknowns

I wouldn’t have signed for my first rental property without embracing some unknowns

Now in practice in my own life, what I’ve found is that nearly every step I’ve taken with uncertainly has produced a step forward in personal growth. My confidence has risen as a result of stepping in front of challenges. I’ve been able to take much more control of my schedule and life. My network has grown to include some inspiring and motivating people that will only open the door to more opportunities down the road.

So I will continue to do my best to embrace uncertainty and take on constructive challenges that are true to both who I am where I would like my journey to go. Like now, this will involve a change of focus from time to time, but I am becoming much more comfortable with that. Stability is a term I tend to use on the surface when my subconscious is really striving for security. And while security is not a bad thing, it can be if it comes at the expense of personal gain.

Here’s to many continued pivots.

Is there something out there you’ve been wanting to attempt but have been paralyzed by uncertainty? Chances are the downside (worst case scenario) for making an effort will pale in comparison to the potential upside (best case scenario) for succeeding in the attempt.