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Navigating the World of Credit Card Rewards

Since the beginning of the year, I've been all-in on bettering my understanding of credit card rewards.  This falls in line with my somewhat unhealthy infatuation of the role finances can play in life optimization.  How can one get the most bang for their buck, especially with those same dollars they would normally already spend on a day-to-day basis?

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A Key to Happiness

No matter which happiness or quality of life ranking report you reference, Denmark is going to sit at or near the top of each list.

This is intriguing, so on my recent trip to Denmark I had the opportunity to ask some Danes about why this is the case. Their response(s) were very modest (this is how they seem to be by nature, so no surprise there), but they all had a common theme:

Contentment and humbleness

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The Importance of Living Intentionally

I turned down a job this past week.  I did so not because it wan't a lucrative opportunity.  Instead, I turned it down because it didn't line up with the life my wife and I are trying to build for ourselves.  Freedom and flexibility are our primary drivers at this point, and a time-intensive office job would have thrown a wrench deep into our lifestyle goals.

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