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3 Areas of Financial Protection You Need

Protecting and preserving wealth is just as important as building it. Think of wealth as a house. At the foundation are the resources (businesses, education, jobs, skills, etc.) that are the catalysts for growing wealth. The walls and contents are then the investments and assets built/grown upon these fundamental resources. The roof then acts as the protection in keeping all the resources and assets safe. Every component is just as valuable as the next, and all are vulnerable without a properly structured roof.

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Ways to Save on Everyday Expenses

I’ve been on a mission to track and reduce my household living expenses for quite a while now. Along this path I discovered some fairly lucrative ways to save across multiple areas of spending that have had little-to-no impact on quality of life.

I’ve decided to compile those discoveries here as one long list broken out by category. Feel free to browse through. My hope is that there are at least one or two items that might also help your household save some money with relatively minimal effort.

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My Household Budget (2018 Edition)

If you have not been following along, in early 2017 I became fed up with my bloating household expenses and made a commitment to do something about it.  At that point in time my recurring household living expenses were averaging almost $3,250/month.  Since then, quite a few strategic changes have been made which have brought household expenses down by an average of over $700/month (and counting).  I continue and track these numbers to both hold myself accountable and pass along any savings strategies/opportunities discovered to you.

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