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Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast with Joe Fairless

For your listening pleasure, I bring to you an episode of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcast where I had the opportunity to join as a guest.  Host, Joe Fairless, controls over $191,000,000 in real estate but started with $0 in 2009.  He also has built this show and it's following, which is now the world's longest running, daily real estate investing podcast.

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This is a slightly shorter listen than prior podcasts, but we do dig into the weeds a bit more on some ways retirement funds can be accessed and used for real estate investing.  We also explore my journey into turnkey property investing.

If you would like to hear all the details of the interview, feel free to listen by either subscribing to Joe's podcast via iTunes, visiting the episode and all surrounding details on his website, or by simply streaming through the link below.

Full disclosure:  Joe mentions my company, Ntellivest, as a CPA firm.  This is incorrect, as it is a personal financial consulting firm.  Also, he notes that I have 8 properties when I held 9 at the time of recording.

If you would like to discuss any topic covered here in further detail, feel free to schedule a meeting where we can chat one-on-one.

Thanks very much, and I hope you discover a valuable takeaway or two from this listen!