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Before The Millions Podcast with Daray Olaleye

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Daray Olaleye of Before the Millions.  He is looking to help encourage aspiring entrepreneurs kick start their own journey by interviewing a broad mix of young professionals who are already walking down that path.  In our conversation, we discuss (in no particular order):

  1. My journey towards starting a business
  2. Where to find proper, professional financial guidance
  3. How stepping outside of the system will help you to think creatively
  4. Inspirational books
  5. Calculator watches (I do hope they still make these)
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Of note:  Today is the official launch of this podcast, so I am thrilled to be included on the list of Daray's initial interviewees!  Also, this one is a bit longer than my last podcast on real estate investing, simply because we get a little more into the weeds about a multitude of topics.

You can find the the downloadable version of the podcast on Daray's website here.  Or you can simply click the box below for a streaming version of the interview.

I hope you enjoy!