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The Magic of Real Estate

Nearly 8 years ago, I set out on a quest to start investing in real estate. By this, I am not talking about investing in REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts) that can be easily bought and sold like stocks; but rather, true, physical real estate holdings. After a few years of education and over-analysis (which definitely led to paralysis), I finally ventured out and bought my first property in April of 2016. This has snowballed into a handful of other properties along the way, which has been a rather exciting journey.

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Growing Your Passive Income Streams

If you know me, or have visited my website, I'm sure have grown to realize that I am a supersized advocate for passive income.  I believe that growing a diversified balance of income streams will set the foundation for financial independence more quickly than savings and traditional investing alone.  The concept is not hard to understand for most, but implementation and knowing where to begin in this path can pose a challenge.  So today, that's exactly what we're going to address.  I will highlight some different methods of passive income investing in addition to the pros and cons, and possible barriers to entry for each product.

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Reclaim Your Life with Passive Income

You often hear these phrases referenced in conjunction with passive income when scouring the internet:

  • Income whether you show up or not
  • Making money while you sleep
  • Putting your money to work for you

While all of these are true and certainly are benefits, I would argue that they focus too heavily on money and beat around the bush of what quality passive income truly does for a person.

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Get Rich Education Podcast with Keith Weinhold

I had a great conversation recently with Keith Weinhold of Get Rich Education.  Keith has dedicated himself to helping others in their real estate investing journey.  He is extremely detailed in his method of real estate analysis and breaking down more complicated real estate investing topics.  If you are also a detailed individual who is interested in real estate investing, I strongly recommend that you give his podcast a whirl.  His past guest list includes much bigger names such as Robert Kiyosaki, so I was honored to be a part of his show.

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Thinking Differently About Spending

Buyer's remorse.  We all know what it is because we've all experienced it at some point in our lives (well, hopefully!).  It's that feeling of guilt that can set in after a sizable purchase.  But why does this occur?  Research will throw deeper ideas such as cognitive dissonance and the paradox of choice out there as explanations, but I tend to think that human beings simply don't like seeing their bank account take a hit.  You've worked hard for that money, so it's only natural to feel sorrow when it departs.

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