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5 Cautionary Lessons Learned About Real Estate Investing

I talk a lot about the benefits to be had from property investing, but recently noticed that I likely don’t shed enough light on the less flattering aspects that need to be taken into consideration before going this route. The benefits of real estate investing are real and can be a powerful financial weapon for boosting your net worth, but these benefits do not come without their fair share of work, hassle, education and risk.

That being said, here are some of the more cautionary but real lessons I’ve learned during my time as a real estate investor.

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5 Reasons Why Investing for Income Beats Investing for Growth

Why do you invest?

Such a simple question, right? When asked this, most people’s response has something to do with retirement. But this is normally a canned answer simply because we know we are supposed to save and invest for retirement. The problem is that there is no deeper meaning or motivation behind this type of investment strategy. There’s no excitement. No drive. And I firmly believe this is the primary reason why so many people are underfunded for retirement.

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The Various Types of Investment Accounts

Even experienced investors can become nauseous when reviewing the dizzying array of investment account options in existence.  Quite honestly, there are too many.  This should come as no surprise, because much like craft beers, vape shops, and obnoxious catchphrases, we have a track record of excess in this country.

The problem is that you need to invest, but are likely having a hard time understanding what the different account types mean and whether or not you should be considering them.  This is a common frustration for a lot of investors.  In an effort to provide some clarity, let's do a quick review of the primary account structures, how they operate, and who they serve.

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How to Construct an Investment Portfolio

We touched on the importance of portfolio diversification in the last post. In this post, we will take our portfolio discussion a step further and review some pointers that will assist in proper portfolio construction.  This is important because most everyone has at least one investment account (most commonly in the form of a work retirement plan), but too few know the basics of putting together a balanced portfolio.  I've witnessed firsthand how much excess risk (or even lack of risk) many investors are unknowingly taking in their accounts, so it's time we get a little more educated.

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The Importance of Portfolio Diversification

Even if you're new to investing, chances are high that you have heard about the importance of diversification within your investments.  But hearing and understanding are two completely different animals, which is why it is important to address the subject head on.  What is portfolio diversification and why is it important?  Let's dig in.

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