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Find the Investment Strategy That Fits You

There is nothing more dangerous than blanket investment advice.  Yet, everywhere you turn, you will find headlines giving you just that:  the next best, can't miss investment.  All your troubles are swept away if you just follow this particular guidance, or buy this specific product.

These headlines sell because they promote a false sense of security and simplicity.  People want the microwave approach to solving an issue.  But the problem is that proper investment advice is not that simplistic.

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Growing Your Passive Income Streams

If you know me, or have visited my website, I'm sure have grown to realize that I am a supersized advocate for passive income.  I believe that growing a diversified balance of income streams will set the foundation for financial independence more quickly than savings and traditional investing alone.  The concept is not hard to understand for most, but implementation and knowing where to begin in this path can pose a challenge.  So today, that's exactly what we're going to address.  I will highlight some different methods of passive income investing in addition to the pros and cons, and possible barriers to entry for each product.

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Are We in a Bubble?

In her last and most recent economic update as Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen stated that she believes both stock and real estate prices are elevated.  Although she stopped short of mentioning the word bubble, most investors can read between the lines and are concerned.  With high valuations for stocks and real estate, savings accounts and CD's paying next to nothing in interest, bonds facing potential headwinds due to rising interest rates, and cryptocurrencies showing no signs of stability, what is a person to do?

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The 4% Rule is Delaying Your Early Retirement

The Four Percent Rule is a commonly used staple in the financial planning industry that states one should be set for retirement once their annual spending needs are 4% of their total retirement nest egg.  In other words, the rule suggests that a total portfolio withdrawal rate of 4% (adjusted for inflation each year going forward) should allow for a person to outlive their savings.

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