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5 Last Minute Money-Minded Gift Ideas on Amazon

So it’s the middle of December and you’re just now realizing that your shopping list is looking a bit longer than had hoped it would be by this point in time. Luckily, you have a Amazon Prime membership and that glorious 2-day free shipping is here (again) to save the day.

What should you scoop up last minute? If you have a money geek in the house, here are some ideas that will likely generate a grin on Christmas morning.

Board Games

Board games are making a comeback! Or did they ever truly fall from glory? I’m not quite sure. Either way, board games are great because they can be educational, entertaining and social. This makes them a perfect last minute gift for someone who digs all-things money. Here are some go-to classics within the realm of personal finance.

Pay Day


In paying tribute to its origin, any legitimate list of Amazon goods has to include books. Also, finance-focused educational books are a staple for any money-minded individual. Here are some of my favorite reads that would make a nice addition to any library (listed alphabetically, not by rating).

Happy Money
Rich Dad Poor Dad
The Behavior Gap
The Little Book of Common Sense Investing
The Intelligent Investor
The Richest Man in Babylon
The Simple Path to Wealth
Think and Grow Rich

Coin Counter

No more throwing your spare change on your side table or in the sock drawer. Keep things organized by having your change in one spot. And why not have it track how much you’re accumulating while you’re at it? Personally, I recommend using this scrap money for fun. Cash it in from time-to-time (perhaps every time you cross $50) for a little splurge. Treating yo’self while keeping organized. It’s a win-win.

Document Scanner

Bills, Business Cards, Invoices, Receipts, Tax Documents…. the list goes on and on of all the paper-based financial documentation we’re supposed to keep organized. But who wants to keep all that on hand? This is where an nice and tidy, easy-to-use scanner can save the day. Quickly store all that documentation digitally and get rid of the unnecessary clutter. That’s something any money-focused person will appreciate.

Minimalist Wallet

The days of carrying a pocket full of bills, coins, business and loyalty cards are over. Digital has taken hold and along with that comes a more minimalist approach. If someone you care about it still carrying around the George Costanza wallet, do them a favor and gift them a wallet that will chauffeur them into 2019.

You can opt for a stylish slim wallet replacement, or if more daring, you could take minimalism one step further and go for the phone cover that doubles as a wallet.

Are there other good gift ideas you have in mind for the finance person in your life? Or as a personal finance enthusiast, are there any gifts that you would like to see under the tree? Please share!