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Friday Top Five (Apps Edition)

This is the first round of my Friday Top Five, where I will post a top 5 list, following a quick and easy set of rules:

  • Items listed must be financial in nature
  • I must utilize the resources myself
  • Each post will focus on a different topic/category

The intent is to highlight some items that add value to my world, in hopes that you discover one or two of these resources might also provide you some benefit.

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Today's focus will be on phone apps, and here are my favorites:

  1. Personal Capital - I use this one nearly every day right upon waking up, as it's a great tool to monitor your accounts and investments.  The retirement planner application is killer too, and the budgeting/cash flow applications simply continue to improve.
  2. Robinhood - Robinhood provides free stock and ETF trading, with no strings attached.  Although they have a website, investment functionality runs solely through the app.
  3. Venmo - If you're not on board the Venmo train, you need to be.  There's never been an easier way to pay people for miscellaneous items, quickly, remotely, and FREE of charge.
  4. Mint - I don't use this as much as Personal Capital anymore, but I feel there is still no better app for pure and simplified budgeting.
  5. EZ Financial Calculators - From time value of money and loan calculations, to currency conversion and tip calculators, this app has every financial solution you could imagine in an easy to operate format.

Bonus:  Tip Yourself - This is a fun way to either reward yourself for tasks accomplished during the day, or to simply boost your savings.  Within the app, hit the "Tip" button and a preset amount of money gets deposited into a savings account, no fees attached.

What are some of your favorite personal finance apps?  Please share, as I am always on the lookout for new and helpful financial tools!