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Reasons for Gratitude

Today I want to touch on some reasons that life is good, which is an important break from the usual financial gab (plus, writing about finances all the time is kind of lame).  Without regularly taking note of the positives, I've noticed that the negatives can tend to magnify themselves.  Regardless of any financial riches, life is simply not rewarding without an appreciation of all the things (big and small) that truly make life worth living.

Being that I have been blessed to be on this planet for 37 years, it seems only proper that I note 37 things that have, and continue, to bring joy to my world.

  1. My immediate family (Megan, Harold, Dad, Mom, Heather, Sarah, Nolynn, Grant)
  2. My extended family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, in-laws)
  3. Friends (childhood, college, adult, work)
  4. Father figures (Darin, Doc, Joe)
  5. Waking up before the sun
  6. Morning walks with a good podcast
  7. Travel to a new place
  8. Meeting someone with a different perspective than mine
  9. Learning and applying a new and helpful concept
  10. Not knowing tomorrow
  11. Independence, VA
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. The energy that only a city can provide
  14. The peacefulness that only a disconnect from the city can provide
  15. A random drive with no destination in mind
  16. Numbers
  17. Fried chicken
  18. Simplification (in all aspects of life)
  19. Freedom (of all kinds)
  20. Seasons
  21. The feel of a cool, crisp morning
  22. Opening day in baseball and the first weekend of college football
  23. The outlook of a child
  24. The kindheartedness of a dog
  25. Memories (good and bad, they all have meaning)
  26. Neighborhood diners and pubs
  27. Christmas lights
  28. The feeling of giving
  29. The feeling of accomplishment
  30. The selfless sacrifices of others that have made (and continue to make) the world a better place
  31. Comedy and laughter
  32. Quick wit (which I do not possess)
  33. The fact that my triplet nieces and nephew still call me Uncle Tappy
  34. Getting hooked on a TV show
  35. New tech gadgets
  36. That initial rumble when starting the motor of well-engineered horsepower
  37. History

I could easily go on and on here, as there are plenty of items I didn't have room for in a list of 37, or am simply not thinking about while writing this post.  Hmm, I guess that in itself is another noteworthy reason for gratitude!

What are some of the things in life that fuel you?  Take note and appreciate these items on a regular basis so that all of your successes prove to be even more fulfilling.