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Friday Top Five (Blog Edition)

Here is another edition of the Friday Top Five, where I post a top 5 list, following a quick and easy set of rules:

  • Items listed must be financial in nature
  • I must utilize the resources myself
  • Each post will focus on a different topic/category

The intent is to highlight some items that add value to my world, in hopes that you discover one or two of these resources might also provide you some benefit.

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We're going to get a little nerdy today and delve into the big, bad blogosphere.  There is a lot of great content being created daily in the financial space, which can be both educational and inspirational.  Here are some of the pages I read on a regular basis:

  1. Rockstar Finance - OK, this might be cheating a bit as the site is more of an encyclopedia of financial blogs rather than that of a single author, but never-the-less, this page should be a religious pit-stop for any personal finance enthusiast.  If anything, it's more than worth your time to simply sign up for the Daily Digest, where founder, J Money (and his team), sort through all the content out there (which can be daunting) and present you with their favorite posts of the day.  This site covers both the professional and personal space.  And oh yea, the Rockstar Finance posts aren't too shabby either.
  2. A Wealth of Common Sense - Author, Ben Carlson, has a fantastic way of breaking down complicated wealth management topics into common sense terms (hence, the name).  His pieces tend to cover the world of wealth management more than personal finance, but I would consider this a valuable read for all audiences.
  3. HumbleDollar - If you like no-nonsense, easy to understand lessons on all things money, you have to read some of the posts by writer, Jonathan Clements.  Every time I read his material, it sinks in quickly and has the feel of ancient wisdom.  Mr. Clements’ books would be great additions to your bookshelves as well.
  4. Mr. Money Mustache - If you're not already familiar with MMM, let me introduce you to the individual who put the early retirement movement on the map.  Mr. Money Mustache (Pete) covers all topics related to simple living, frugal spending, supercharged saving, and smart investing that helped him retire at the age of 30.  Although he now has abundant financial resources due to his popularity, he still holds true to his values that focus on quality of life over money.
  5. Financial Samurai - I include author, Sam Dogen, on my list primarily because I love his blunt style of writing.  If you're offended by a curse word here and there, this isn't the blog for you.  Sam is another advocate for early retirement after doing so himself in 2012 while still in his 30's.  He has a focus on investing for passive income, which aligns closely with my way of thinking.

BonusNerd's Eye View - This blog is the holy grail for all things financial planning.  Michael Kitces is a rock star in the professional financial planning community, and I would venture to guess that he provides more content here than all other financial planning sites put together.  If you're looking for information about a nuanced financial planning topic, this would be a good place to start your search.

Again, it was tough to narrow down this list, as there are some other quality sites I also check on a regular basis (Afford Anything, Mad Fientist, The Reformed Broker, etc.).  Are there any authors that you lean on for your financial information and motiviation?  Please share!