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Vanguard has been the leader in low cost investing for over 40 years.  As a company that has bucked Wall Street trends since day one (e.g., the company is not publicly traded and is owned by its clients/shareholders), their values line up with everything good in the financial services industry.  Not to mention they have some of the best products going.  The only drawback:  unless you have $50,000 to utilize their Personal Advisor Services, investing requires a bit more of a hands on approach (you have to pick your own investments). Or, just use on of their many all-in-one funds that meet your investment objectives.

Opposite of the long-standing history represented by Vanguard, there is a new player on the scene that also specializes in being a consumer advocate.  Robinhood is a platform that aims to make investing cheaply available for everyday folks.  Their software charges zero commissions on all available stock and ETF (exchange traded fund) trades.  Zero commissions are great, but be careful to not this get you lulled into the detrimental disease of over-trading your account.  This also requires manual oversight in construction of a portfolio, so be sure to have a good investing knowledge base and gameplan before going this route.

automated investing

Looking for the ultimate simplicity when it comes to investing?  If so, then Betterment might be the perfect option for you.  The platform will structure you a well-diversified portfolio and provide ongoing due diligence (rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, etc.) in a seamless fashion.  You will pay a fee for the service, but this management fee is less than half of what you would expect to pay a traditional investment advisor.  Check out their service model and see what you think.  Setup and establishment of an investment portfolio has never been easier.

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Portfolio Investing e-book

If you are either a hands on investor looking for more insight into proper portfolio construction, or a beginner simply looking for pointers on how to property allocate your work retirement plan, this e-book will be a good resource for you.  Covering only 5 chapters and less than 20 pages, this manual is designed to be a quick and simple guide to help assist in better all-around portfolio construction.