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One of the elder statesmen of the intuitive online budgeting platforms, Mint has been leading the charge in this space for some time.  Like most all in this arena, their service requires that you link your banking and credit accounts to the system.  For someone who doesn't want to manually track their spending, what happens from this point is sheer bliss.  All your transactions are categorized for you, and a clear visual of your spending appears before your eyes.  You can get creative and customize/categorize as much as you wish as well, which is nice for those (like me) who want to combine a more hands on experience with the delights of automation.

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Personal Capital started as an online investment analysis tool, but has since expanded their services to include some fairly robust budgeting and financial planning tools.  Again, this service requires you to link your bank and credit accounts, but it will categorize all items for you.  Budgeting customization is a bit more limited than what you will find on Mint, but the investment analytics and financial projection capabilities are a very nice value add.


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Household Budget Template

I utilize this spreadsheet to assist in tracking my own monthly household expenses.  It has a breakdown of categories which require a manual entry of expenses.  From there, the calculator provides a rolling monthly average of expenditures so that the user can better tell if outlays are trending up or down.