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The Calendar Year Ahead

In an effort to establish some structure to the material published, I have decided to create a content calendar for the remainder of 2017.  Each month will highlight a different financial topic, with every week focusing on a various subtopic.  Rounding up the calendar month, I will have a guest post from an expert in that area of discussion (much like a cleanup hitter in baseball).

June will focus on investment portfolios, with an emphasis on what proper diversification means, how you can construct your own portfolio (think of your work retirement plan), and how to differentiate between the different account options out there.

July will focus on the unique financial situation of small business owners.  Some areas of concern for those who have taken this journey consist of budgeting on inconsistent income streams, more complicated tax filings, and choosing between a vast array of legal structures and retirement plan options.

August will turn to real estate investing.  During the month, we will touch on the different methods of investing in real estate, how to evaluate a potential investment property, and how you go about financing those potential purchases.

Building off the August discussion, September will focus on some other investment vehicles that can help you create current income streams.  We will take a deeper dive into dividend investing, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and the specifics behind the SEPP program.

October will be a month of discussions on how to best protect your wealth.  Defensive portfolio strategies, the various types (and applications) of insurance, and estate planning will be on the docket.

Going into the holiday season, it would make sense to focus on spending.  That's why November will be all things budgeting.  I will highlight some great tools that can help you develop a rock solid budget, some power savings tips and hacks, and ways to handle budgeting for your family.

Rounding out the year, December will focus on the topic of minimalism.  Avoiding the extremes, we will focus on the areas of this concept that are closely tied to early financial independence, and living a happier financial life.

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Of note:  There will still be posts peppered in that might not fit the specified agenda, but instead, could be items pertinent to current events, or just random thoughts by the crazed author.

Are there any specific topics you would like to see addressed?  Please let me know and I will be sure to try and fit them in to the schedule here (if applicable), or put those items on the calendar for a future date.