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credit card comparison

When used responsibly (which of course you are doing), credit cards can provide you some major perks in return.  Magnify Money provides a great breakdown of the best cash back cards on the market.  Make sure to hit the "Show Details" option at the top when inputting your spending habits.  This will provide you the best bang for your spending buck.

Credit report

Not all free credit report services are free.  There are usually strings attached in the form of offering a free trial period followed by monthly payments, or with the intention of collecting your personal information for future mailings and/or offers.  The only website authorized for you to obtain your free annual credit report with no strings attached, and from terms set by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), is AnnualCreditReport.com.  You have the option to either obtain your report online or via mail.  Your actual credit score will cost you $8 extra, but FICO scores are readily available as a value add by most credit card companies so this is usually an unnecessary extra.